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First-grader starts lifestyle brand Kids Saving Oceans to raise money to keep beaches clean

Miles Fetherston-Resch doesn't want sharks to die
Posted at 10:04 AM, May 16, 2019
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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Miles Fetherston-Resch loves sharks like many boys his age.

But unlike most 6-year-olds, he wanted to spend piggy-bank money to help protect sharks from poachers.

“I love everything in the ocean and I don’t want creatures to die,” says Miles. “My mom didn’t think $13 would do much, so we came up with Kids Saving Oceans.”

That's right, the St. Petersburg first-grader ended up creating the conservation lifestyle brand.

Kids Saving Oceans raises money and awareness through the sale of hats, T-shirts and stickers made from ocean plastics and other recyclables.

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Proceeds go to environmental conservation foundations, including Surfrider and Reef Check.

Miles started the project with his parents Libby and Jess Fetherston-Resch.

“We’ve has a really phenomenal response to this,” says Libby, a marine biologist. “People love seeing someone so young care about these things and having these conversations.”

Kids Saving Oceans also educates people about the need to reduce plastic use and waste in order to preserve the environment. It's all pretty heavy stuff for a preteen to tackle.

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Miles is also an avid beach cleaner. He is urging his friends and classmates to pick up trash along the shore and keep it out of the water. And keep all those sharks happy.

“It only takes a second,” Miles says.

Miles may be the size of a hobbit, but he's living up to a famous quote from The Lord of the Rings: "Even the smallest person can change the course of history."