Unique coffee businesses brewing in Colorado

Posted at 5:52 PM, Sep 06, 2019

Competition among coffee makers has left the shop. These days, your favorite brew can come to you, and profits are pouring in for some quirky small businesses.

My Coffee Pro reported 43 percent of coffee drinker want quick and convenient coffee, while still keeping quality, and 25 percent of drinkers are looking for unique ways to get it.

In Twin Lakes, Colorado, Bob Dazell owns Perkolated Peaks Coffee, a coffee shop that’s ran out of a Volkswagen Bus on the side of the road. Obviously it catches anyone’s eye.

“I’ll just be right here and someone will just come up to the window all excited they found this place,” Dazell said. “Culturally, coffee is expanding, and it has a feeling to it. It’s almost like a piece of art.”

Dazell said the summer and fall business is great, because those driving to Vail, Colorado will stop and get his coffee because the placement and bus is so unique. His bus is parked right outside his home on the road in Twin Lakes, and even has a doorbell attached to the bus so if he is inside his home, he can walk out a brew you a fresh cup.

In the countryside of Colorado, good fresh coffee can be hard to come by.

In Elizabeth, Colorado, Jeremy Casner with GC Roasters is made sure fresh ground coffee is available for his neighbors.

“We had a little journey that turned into a side hustle and that’s roasting coffee beans,” Casner said. “Coffee is the second largest drinking commodity in the world, so what we thought we could bring that you can’t really get anywhere else is fresh beans. Out here it doesn’t exist.”

And in good country fashion, he roasts the beans himself and will even deliver the coffee directly to you.

In the city, the coffee competition is fierce so it can be hard to standout. Unless you’re a bright red Volkswagen Bug.

Matthew Pendleton is the owner of On the Road Coffee.

“My own little coffee shop that I run out of a 1968 Volkswagen Beetle,” Pendleton said. “I’ve been doing this for a little over three years now. When’s the last time you got a coffee out of a ’68 Beetle? I mean there’s so much coffee, people have so many choices. This is just a unique way to get it.”

The business is constantly changing, and owners are constantly adapting. But no matter where you’re at in the world, people just love coffee.