Mystery shopper buys $1 million worth of toys from Toys 'R' Us

Posted at 4:27 PM, Jun 29, 2018

Before Toys 'R' Us officially closes for good Friday, an anonymous person decided to make a hefty purchase in North Carolina.

An employee of a Cary, N.C., location confirmed the anonymous purchase, saying the buyer visited the store to buy the toys, ABC-affiliate WTVD reported.

However, the purchase didn't happen all at that one store. The employee told WTVD, "It didn't happen all at this location. We don't have that much inventory. It happened at various stores. They likely went through the Raleigh liquidator."

No word was given on what the anonymous buyer planned to do with the stock of toys.

 WTVD reported the only items left at the Cary location this week were baby clothing and few toys.

Online shopping trends have forced the former toy giant to close its doors. Many stores have been almost completely emptied this past week, but families have still visited to pick up last-minute bargains and say goodbye to childhood memories.