They thought a squirrel was taking their tomatoes; a security camera showed something else

Posted at 9:16 AM, Jul 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-13 09:16:33-04

MONTREAL-- It's been a bad strawberry season at Paula Habib's home. And her tomatoes haven't fared much better.

It all began OK, But in June they started vanishing

"We had a full set of tomatoes and then all of a sudden the tomatoes started going down. We didn't take any ourselves; we thought it was the squirrels," she said.

Then, their security camera found the real culprit. Apparently, the mailman.

On June 29, there he is having a  light snack  On July 3rd, he appears to have a healthier appetite......helping himself to around ten servings. 

And two days later he was back for more, mixing strawberries with tomatoes 

And on July 9th he ate so much that the very next day there was almost nothing left for a squirrel (seen on video on the tomato plant).

When the family figured out what was going on, they weren't amused.

"The postman is stealing tomatoes, like what's going on?" said Habib.

They even saw him taking the neighbor's strawberries.

"That's like something a postman shouldn't be doing is taking peoples tomatoes and strawberries," Habib said.

Paula and her family don't want the mailman fired, but they do want- at the very least- an apology. And maybe some restitution

"It's rude; he never told us he never came to the door and said I took one of your tomatoes and it was really good or made (a) joke about it. He just did it, and he couldn't care less," Habib said.

Canada Post says it plans to watch the video and investigate.

It added, if customers have any concerns, they should call Canada Post.