Rome Shubert: Santa Fe High School student 'completely OK' after being shot in the head

Posted: 10:27 AM, May 20, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-20 14:27:13Z

(CNN) -- Doctors told Rome Shubert, 16, he had the "perfect scenario."

A bullet sliced clean through the back of the Santa Fe High School sophomore's head during  a shooting that left 10 people dead  and 10 others, including Rome, wounded. Remarkably, he walked away with just bandages, and said on Twitter he was "completely okay and stable."

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Rome told  CNN affiliate KTRK  he initially didn't realize he was shot. He said he was doing schoolwork when he heard a loud bang in his art class and his ears began ringing. He then jumped under a table for cover. He and other students then ran out of the back of the classroom.

It was a friend who told Rome he was shot in the head.

"I just feel lucky to be here," Rome said. "I just wish this didn't happen. This shouldn't happen to anybody in that school."

Rome tweeted  about the incident as well, saying he was grateful and blessed that his life was spared.

"Today I was shot in the back of the head but i am completely okay and stable," the tweet read.

Shubert's mother, Sheri Shubert, told KTRK her son could have been a quadriplegic. Rome Shubert is a pitcher on the school's varsity baseball team who  said on Twitter  that he committed to the University of Houston.

"The doctors told me it went in clean and came out clean," Sheri Shubert said, adding that this shouldn't happen to anybody. "We have to do something. We have to take a stand. America has to take a stand for our kids."

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