Man eats 30,000 Big Macs, breaks record for "Most Big Macs Consumed"

Posted at 2:53 PM, May 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-05 14:53:44-04

A Wisconsin man is now the proud owner of a tasty new world record.

Don Gorske now holds the world record for "most Big Macs consumed"!

He chomped his way into the record books Friday after eating his 30,000th Big Mac.

Gorske's love for Big Macs started more than 40 years ago when he ate his first one on May 17, 1972.

Gorske says he has enjoyed an average of two sandwiches nearly every day since that magical day.

"Every 10,000 takes me 14 years, so you look ahead and it's like wow. Will I still be around that many years in advance? And like I say, I hope to keep hitting them for awhile yet," Gorske said.

There have only been eight days that have not included a Big Mac with the most recent being November 23, 2011.

That day happened to be Thanksgiving and the restaurant was closed.

Gorske thought he had a Big Mac saved in the freezer, but was mistaken.

He says he never made that mistake again.

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