#PermitPatty video: Alison Ettel allegedly calls cops on 8-year-old girl selling water

Posted at 6:42 AM, Jun 25, 2018

(KNTV/NBC) - A San Francisco woman allegedly called police on a young African-American girl selling bottled water near the AT&T Ball Park, demanding to see the child's permit.

Now, the video of the encounter has since gone viral, with social media users calling the woman "Permit Patty."

Jordan Rodgers says she was trying to raise money to help her mom pay for a trip to Disneyland.

That's when she was approached by the woman, identified as Alison Ettel, who says the 8-year old was disturbing her work.

She told a local newspaper she pretended to call the police.

However, Rodger's mother says she's convinced the call was more than that, calling it racially motivated.

The video has since went viral, with many on social media nicknaming Ettel #PermitPatty.

As of now there is no word on if Ettel actually called the police.

Jordan says she would like an apology from permit patty and plans to sell more bottled water in the future.

Courtesy KNTV via NBC News Channel