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Here's how to fight germs in your house during flu and cold season

Posted at 4:01 AM, Nov 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-08 06:28:27-05

Lauren Reza is a Jupiter mom and pediatric nurse who knows a thing or two about germs. During flu and cold season, she's on top of it.

"We make sure to keep hand sanitizer in the pocket of the car door, which is helpful. So, whenever we come back from places like the park, we can sanitize our hands," said Reza. "We keep one on the dining room table, so that way he’s (her son) not eating and ingesting anything we pick up along the day."

Shoes also come off at the front door and school clothes get changed right away.

"I use wipes on things that are commonly touched," said Reza. "Light switches, door knobs, cellphones. Things like that."

That's exactly what Carol Lewanda, the owner of You've Got Maids in North Palm Beach, would do.

"You have to be more vigilant during flu season," said Lewanda, who also suggested wiping down every surface daily.

One idea is to color code cleaning rags for different rooms to avoid transferring germs.

Color-coated cleaning rags
Color-coated cleaning rags

"Red rags for the bathroom, yellow rags for the kitchen," said Lewanda,

She said to pay attention to what you touch the most -- things like small appliances you handle everyday.

"The most vulnerable spot would be the pull on your cabinets," said Lewanda. "Your handles on your microwave, the handles on your stove."

Don't forget towels, which can host a lot of germs.

"When you are having company over, always have decorative napkins, so when they wash their hands they don’t keep using the same towel," said Lewanda.

Reza said take that thinking outside the home as well.

"When you’re pumping your gas, you can use a towel," said Reza. "When you’re coming out of a restroom, use a towel to open the door."