Sen. Rubio: China will 'weaponize' U.S reliance for pharmaceuticals

Posted at 10:05 AM, Mar 06, 2020

WASHINGTON — After passing a bill allocating roughly $8 billion to fight coronavirus, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has taken to Twitter.

In one of his tweets, he says that hysteria and complacency are the enemy in the fight against coronavirus. He then outlines a plan to fight the virus including getting test kits and creating a vaccine.

Rubio also wrote about his belief that China will weaponize the United States' reliance for pharmaceuticals. In the tweet, he cites a Chinese article that he says includes mocking Americans and threatening to cut access. The tweet was accompanied by a GIF of chef Gordan Ramsey.

In another tweet, Rubio links to a Washington Post article and asks why China is encouraging conspiracy theories blaming the United States for the coronavirus outbreak.

Rubio will be attending a Round Table discussion on coronavirus in West Palm Beach at noon. We will be live streaming on