What to give your pet for the holidays

Posted at 12:14 PM, Dec 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-17 12:14:56-05

LOS ANGELES, Calif.-- Most pets made it on the "nice" list this year. 80% will be getting gifts, according to pet care site

"That childlike joy! You can see it in dogs, too," said dog owner Valerie Kilmer.

A growing number of pet owners are opting for high-end accessories. "Last year we got the Furbo because that was kind of new and exciting,"Kilmer said.

The Furbo is a two-way interactive camera for about $134.

"It dispenses treats... you can can do it remotely via the app," said Ashley Esqueda with CNET.

Wickedbone is a smart toy for $100 dollars. It's controlled through an app with auto-play and manual controls.

Tech that's appealing to this dog owner the Whistle 3 can keep tabs on troublemakers with GPS and activity tracking."So it's a little bit like a fitbit," Esqueda said.

It's $100 for the device and $10 a month for the GPS feature.

There are also DNA tests, designer duds, selfie phone accessories and, even TV channels for pets.

But perhaps some of these luxury gifts are more for the owner than the pet.

"Dogs have always needed the same thing, food water love, and exercise," said dog owner Adam Bartley.

Those basics that will always be on their wishlist.

Although it's a good time of the year to spoil your furry companion, the holidays can also be dangerous for pets.

Keep human treats out of reach. Chocolate and an artificial sweetener called Xylitol are toxic to animals.

Plants such as holly, mistletoe, and lilies should also be kept away from pets.