TODAY Show's YouTube Social Star Angela Cruz shows how to look glam on the go

Posted at 11:07 AM, Jul 28, 2016
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When you go on vacation, you’re bound to take a few selfies for social media-- and you want to look your best. Yet rising airline fees have many passengers choosing to forego a checked bag in preference of only a carry-on. So what are some portable beauty products that can help you go from start to finish?

“Even if your carry-on space is tight, you don’t have to sacrifice your beauty routine,” explained Cosmo DiSchino, owner of Cosmo and Company Salon & Spa at 360 Beauty Health & Wellness in West Palm Beach. “The beauty industry has really paid attention to women who ask for travel-friendly space-savers. If you pack smart with innovative items, you can stay gorgeous on your next getaway.”

The Today Show’s YouTube Social Star, Angela Cruz, is a local beauty vlogger and former WPTV reporter. She shares some of her top beauty picks for travel – so looking good will be on your next itinerary, no matter your destination!


1.       Coarse and curly hair can get away with only using a serum, like the 1.7 oz. Renewing Hair Serum from Niucoco. The serum is infused with extra virgin coconut oil, guava fruit extract, and sunflower seed oil, so it encourages smoothness – even in dry airplane cabin pressure.

2.       Straight or fine hair can go several days without washing with a travel-sized dry shampoo, such as the 1.8 oz. Perfect Hair Day (PhD) by Living Proof. This dry shampoo contains powders that soak up oil and sweat—perfect for those long sight-seeing day trips.

3.       Double-duty styling tools can save time and packing space. The Bio Ionic 10X Pro Styling Iron has a rounded tip, so it can be used for curling, waving and straightening, plus the vibrating plates style hair in less than ten minutes.


1.       A stick sunscreen, like the No-Ad Sport Body and Face Stick SPF 50, is solid, so it doesn’t have to go in your TSA liquids bag. Bonus: it will never leak in your luggage.

2.       Knock out a sunburn in less than a day with a small-sized lotion designed to soothe. The 2 oz. Heal Face & Body Rescue Lotion by Molecule 32 contains fulvic acid, which helps cool burning skin pain by restoring a proper pH balance.

3.       For an on-the-go spa experience even in your own hotel room, a disposable sheet mask can work wonders for boosting that “vacation glow.” You may spot a celebrity on an airplane wearing a sheet mask, such as the Miss Spa 24k Gold Crème Mask, in order to look refreshed upon landing.


1.       Create a curated makeup palette with your own custom-chosen shades. Makeup palettes from ittse are magnetic, so you can choose which refill pans you want to put into your collection. The palettes are made from vegan and eco-friendly materials, so you can travel with a clear conscience.

2.       Stick makeup has gained popularity for ease of application and portability. The Essential 8 Set from trèStiQue is compact, weighs only half a pound, and allows you to do a full face of makeup in five minutes or less. Each product case is magnetic, plus the products are solid, so there will be no leaks. For an even simpler routine, the BOOMSTICK TRIO by Cindy Joseph allows you to moisturize, colorize and add radiance with three multi-tasking products.

3.       To smell fresh while you’re out moving and shaking, the Pinrose Parfum à gogo has convenient wipes with a perfectly measured dose of fragrance on a towelette, worry-free of spills. After you use all the disposable fragrance samples, the travel case offers double duty for loose make-up items in your carry-on bag. 

Information provided by Angel Cruz

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