Beauty horrors and how to fix them

We're entering a spooky time of year, with Halloween right around the corner – but nobody wants to endure any “beauty horrors.” Sometimes I feel like the scariest thing I see when I wake up is my own appearance in the mirror! Jokes aside, I have some solutions to common beauty problems that many of us suffer.

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Dull, dry hair

Does your hair look like straw, and take ages to blow dry? Silkening Blow Out Crème by Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture reduces the drying process by prepping and detangling hair, which ends up causing less breakage. I love the smell of this crème, and that it doesn’t feel sticky on my hands when I apply it. The secret to this product is broccoli oil, a natural silicone alternative. It gives your hair smoothness and shine without weighing it down – so you can give yourself a broccoli blow out for a great hair day! You can purchase this crème exclusively at Sephora and

Hair loss

I myself suffer from thinning hair, so I’m glad I found Keranique Hair Regrowth System, which addresses the underlying causes of hair thinning and loss specifically for women. The company claims that the system "is formulated with mild cleansers, gentle conditioners, intensive treatments, and light-weight styling products to nourish the scalp and fortify thinning hair.” One trick that I do to stimulate blood flow is that I gently massage my scalp when I’m washing my hair with the Stimulating Shampoo. The system contains the only ingredient for women’s hair regrowth that has been approved by the FDA. It’s available in Sephora,, ULTA and

Weight control

Skinny Matcha Green Tea Powder has built a reputation for helping with weight loss by boosting your metabolism, thanks to high levels of Polyphenol EGCG. I fell in love with matcha green tea when I visited Japan earlier this year, because the powder used to create the beverage offers more energy than a cup of coffee! I prefer the brand Correxiko, because their cultivated Organic Japanese Matcha has a safer selection and manufacturing process. I’ll drink a cup of this at 3 p.m. when I hit my afternoon work slump and need a low-calorie pick-me-up. You can buy this matcha powder at


If you suffer from cystic acne like I do, you may fantasize that you could just drink your way to clear skin. Well, now Osmosis Skincare says you can! The company offers a drinkable supplement said to clear blemishes, aid in rosacea recovery, balance skin inflammation and detox your system from eczema and psoriasis. Skin Perfection Harmonized Water can help clear up skin conditions that are caused by an upset gut. I know my skin breaks out along my jawline even worse when I indulge in too many sugary sweets, so I do believe many issues come from yeast/candida issues and digestive problems. Harmonized Waters are available for sale at

Stained teeth

When your pearly whites aren’t quite so white any more, GO SMiLE Sonic Blue Teeth Whitening System can brighten your teeth up to seven shades. The LED sonic toothbrush also uses blue light technology tuned to wavelengths shown to kill bad breath-causing bacteria. The brush is used in combination with GO SMiLE Teeth Whitening Gel and your toothpaste. I like that it’s an easy process which replaces your usual brushing, rather than adding an extra step. That’s one way to a high-tech, high-wattage smile! You can purchase the system at ULTA, and on


Are you afraid of needles, but want to work on those fine lines and wrinkles? Furlesse beauty patches are a simple solution to relax wrinkles gently and naturally. They can be applied at night as part of your nightly beauty routine or worn as an effective quick fix a few hours before heading out. These patches smooth out my facial creases with no pain, and they’re gentle on sensitive skin because they’re latex-free and hypoallergenic. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes specialized for wrinkle-prone facial areas. You can find the patches at

Information submitted by Angela Cruz, Today Show Social Star for YouTube beauty vlogging