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5 Things To Know On Thursday, January 21, 2021

Posted at 6:57 AM, Jan 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-21 07:16:33-05

While you were sleeping, we compiled the biggest stories of the day in one place. Each story has a quick and easy summary, so you're prepared for whatever the day brings. Just click on the links if you want to know more!

1. What's changed since the Inauguration? Biden's executive orders:
In his first official acts as president, Joe Biden signed executive orders on a broad range of issues, from the coronavirus pandemic to climate change and immigration.

These orders include rejoining the WHO, rejoining the Paris Climate accord, extending the pause on federal student loan payments, extending eviction and foreclosure moratoriums, stoping border wall construction and more.

You can see the full list of policies and what they mean at the link above.

What Changes First Under Biden

2. What did I miss? Breakdown of what happened during the inauguration:
Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States on Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol shortly before noon ET. Wednesday's inauguration ceremony took place in front of an empty National Mall due to the COVID-19 pandemic and threats of violence.

One of the most talked about moments was America's first national youth poet laureate Amanda Gorman as she recited her poem "The Hill We Climb." You can read the full poem here.

You can see a full break down of events at the link above.

The Inauguration of Joseph R. Biden: An Interactive Experience

3. How did Trump spend the day? Flying to his new home... here:
Donald Trump arrived at Palm Beach International Airport as president for the last time Wednesday morning, and his supporters lined the motorcade route in West Palm Beach to greet him.

Trump said farewell to Washington early Wednesday, leaving before President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration. Air Force One flew low along the coast as Biden's inauguration ceremony played on Fox News in the background.

Trump's family was on the plane with him. He spent some of the flight meeting with flight staff, who went up to say goodbye.

Trump supporters gather for his final trip to Mar-a-Lago as president

4. What's next for the 45th President? Life is a highway:
A Florida lawmaker wants to name a state highway after Trump.

State Rep. Anthony Sabatini, R-Clermont, announced Tuesday that this legislative session he will be sponsoring an amendment to rename U.S. Highway 27 as the "President Donald J. Trump Highway."

U.S. 27 is a 481-mile-long roadway that runs north and south from Miami up through to the capital city.

5. What's the latest on the vaccine rollout? Phony appointments, full appointments:
Martin County health officials said Wednesday they recently learned of the phony Eventbrite sites posing as the Florida Department of Health to offer vaccination appointments. As a result, all online registration appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine in Martin County have been suspended.

Appointments filled up quickly Wednesday morning for COVID-19 vaccines in Palm Beach County through the new Publix pharmacy portal.

Those who were unable to secure an appointment for a vaccine Wednesday should visit the site Friday at 6 a.m. At that time, more than 45,000 additional appointments will be available.

Publix COVID-19 vaccine appointments fill up rapidly in Palm Beach County

Today's Forecast
Temperatures rising the next few days:

Latest Weather Forecast: Thursday 5 a.m.

Get your complete hour-by-hour forecast here.

On This Day In History
On January 21, 1977, U.S. President Jimmy Carter grants an unconditional pardon to hundreds of thousands of men who evaded the draft during the Vietnam War.

President Jimmy Carter and Mrs. Jimmy Carter during reception for the democratic national committee at the White House in Washington, Jan. 21, 1977 with daughter Amy. (AP Photo/Peter Bregg)

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