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Exclusive: Student allegedly hit by teacher at West Boca High tells story

Posted: 11:32 PM, May 24, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-25 11:00:21Z

The family of the student allegedly hit by their teacher Thursday morning at West Boca High School, will be pressing charges,WPTV has learned in an exclusive interview with the 17-year-old. 

Junior Zach Desir says he was in culinary class, and had just pulled eggs out of the steamer and shut it off when his teacher, who we are not naming pending the investigation, went after him. 

“As soon as I turned it off, she looked at me like, ‘What the! Why did you just turn off the oven, now it’s gonna take 20 minutes to turn on,’ this and that. She was just going off on me and that’s when she started hitting me, giving me body shots on my shoulders and my back,” he said

Zach says it was closed fists and repeated.

“I didn’t hit her back I just kept my stance. I stood there. She hit me and I just walked away as soon as she told me to get out,” he says. 

Zach says he went to the school resource officer and asked to see the surveillance video. When the SRO questioned him, Zach says he told the story and that’s when Principal Craig Sommer found out.

“Our principal at our school, he really cares about everybody. He really gets close to everybody. And that to him, it really broke down his heart,” Zach said. 

A school district employee, who didn’t want to be identified, confirmed they were told this same story and are investigating.

Zach says the decision with his family to tell his story and press charges isn’t about publicly, but rather, safety.

“There’s already talk about arming teachers with weapons. Anything could have happened. Anything could have happened inside that kitchen. She could has been holding a knife. She could have been holding anything. I coulda got hurt real bad,” he said. 

The school district said they couldn’t comment because of the ongoing investigation. The teacher in question was sent home. 

We have requested the video.