Boca Raton wheelchair tennis program best of 2017

BOCA RATON, Fla. - A Boca Raton tennis program is receiving national attention. The Patch Reef Park wheelchair tennis program received the grassroots program of 2017 from the United States Tennis Association. 

The award comes with great pride from the 20-year-old program. 

“I think people are surprised at the quality of the play,” said Boca Raton Tennis Center Administrator Jim Tierney. 

The players don’t let their wheelchairs slow them down and like to stay competitive. 

“It is hard in a wheelchair to get that thing to make you fit,” said player Lynn Seidemann. 

Nick Williams said he has been playing for five years with the program; he was in a bad car accident in 2008. 

“Tennis seemed to just click and I fell in love with it,” said Williams. 

The program challenges players to play a game made for running to the ball. 

“The same limbs you use for moving are what you use for hitting,” said Williams. 

The program has a tournament scheduled for the end of the month. 

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