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30 vehicles experience flat tires on Interstate 95 northbound in Palm Beach County

No debris currently on the road
Posted: 6:31 AM, Apr 23, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-23 23:38:33Z
30 to 40 vehicle have flat tires on I-95 in PBC
30 to 40 vehicle have flat tires on I-95 in PBC
30 to 40 vehicle have flat tires on I-95 in PBC

The Florida Highway Patrol doesn't have any information on who is responsible for steel rods falling off a semi this morning on Interstate 95 northbound in Palm Beach County, causing flat tires and damage to 30 vehicles.

“It was scary," said Nicole Duprey, whose front two tires went flat when she ran into a large piece of metal. "Luckily there were no major accidents because it could’ve been a lot worse."

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FHP said the truck and trailer dropped the rods onto the I-95 northbound lanes between Lantana Road and Southern Boulevard.

"It took up the whole entire lane so by the time I got on it, it was too late. You couldn’t swerve because there were cars on either side of you," Duprey said.

As of Monday afternoon, FHP said there's no information on the truck or the driver. FHP is asking the public to call in any tips.

"If this cost me 600 dollars, imagine what it’s costing everybody else and add it all up together, that’s a lot," Duprey said.

An FDOT spokesperson said the people monitoring the traffic cameras rarely see incidents right when they happen because they constantly flip through multiple cameras. The cameras don't record.

FHP said troopers assisted all of the affected drivers. Some cars had damage to the rims.

As of 8:41 a.m., FHP said there was no longer any debris on the road, but troopers were still looking on the shoulders of I-95 to make sure all of the steel rods are picked up.

“I was stuck between a semi and another regular truck and I couldn’t go anywhere, so I had to take it head on. (My vehicle suffered) damage to the headlight, flat tire, damage to the bumper. Hopefully nothing else is damaged,” said driver Christian Gonzalez.

FHP spokesman Lt. Alvaro A. Feola said it's unclear what type of truck was responsible for the incident. Feola said the driver could face a citation, but it's unlikely the driver will face charges because nobody was hurt.

“We do not have information on the truck or its driver. If anyone has information, please call FHP," said Feola.