What is Tornado Alley Live?

Why this site will blow you away

E.W. Scripps and WPTV present TornadoAlleyLIVE.com - the Internet's first-of-its-kind total immersive, interactive LIVE storm-chasing video experience.

Here's a quick tour, and what you'll find there:

  • The centerpiece of the TornadoAlleyLIVE.com is a live interactive map that tracks dozens of Tornado Alley storm chasers as they hunt for tornadoes on the U.S. plains.  Click on any car on the map to see that chaser's live stream.  You can watch multiple chasers simultaneouly by opening multiple popup windows.  While you're watching the live video feeds, use the Comments box below the map, or the Twitter hashtag #tornadoalleylive to add to the live conversation.
  • Check our Tornado Chase Forecast page, where you can see officlal outlooks for tornado activity today, tomorrow and the week ahead.
  • We've added 60 years of official tornado reports to another interactive map.  Search by state, by intensity (Fujita-scale rating), by human toll and by property damage.
  • And finally, we know that not every day is an active day in Tornado Alley, so we've created a Video Vortex page where you can watch some great YouTube tornado videos. 

There are comments boxes all over the site, and we're socially-connected on Facebook and Twitter ( @tornadolivetv).  We hope you'll join the conversation. 

If you've got ideas for making the site better, send us a note.  We appreciate the feedback, and we hope you make TornadoAlleyLive.com a daily visit when storms are heating up and the chasers are out in force.

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