Wellington's Melissa Ganzi goes head-to-head with the best male players in polo

WELLINGTON, Fla. -- Women players in polo are few and far between but that hasn't stopped Wellington's Melissa Ganzi from making a name for herself alongside the best in the sport.

"Polo is a unique sport in that men and women can compete on equal footing," Ganzi said.

Melissa's father-in-law introduced polo to her years ago.  That very moment is when she began a full-fledged commitment to the game.

"To play at the highest level you need to play with the men and that was the polo I started playing," Ganzi said.

She's now the owner of Team Piaget and has competed on every level of polo around the world.

Ganzi's teammate of 13 years, Juan Bollini, gets to see her passion for polo every day.

"You have to be tough, and love the horses and the adrenaline of the game and I think she does fantastic," he said.

ESPN 106.3's Emerson Lotzia talked 1-on-1 with Ganzi about her love for polo and how more women are starting to play the sport.

Click on the video attached to watch the story.

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