The Umpire School in Vero Beach is where the road to becoming a Major League Baseball umpire begins

Vero Beach, Fla. -- Major League Baseball players aren't the only ones working their way through the minor leagues in order to reach the top.

The same can be said for umpires.  And their road to the Majors starts in Vero Beach at the Umpire School.

"Every modern day umpire since 1960 has gone through an umpire school," said Umpire School executive director, Justin Klemm.

The 28-day camp is held every January at the Vero Beach Sports Villiage.

Click on the video attached to this story to watch the Umpire School in action.

To learn more about the Umpire School, including more on its history, the daily routine for students and how you can take part in the camp, CLICK HERE.


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