Sochi spectators scoop up special souvenirs

SOCHI, Russia - The Olympic Games are known for memorable souvenirs, and this year's event in Sochi is no exception.

The hats are aplenty.  You can find hats in the shapes of the Games' mascots: a leopard, a bear and a rabbit.  There are also baseball caps, stocking caps, and the traditional Russian hat, the shapka ushanka.

A Russian nesting doll tea set takes a special spin on a Sochi favorite.

Or, you can be decked out head to toe in Olympic getup.  The most popular item is mittens.  One store in Sochi says people will exchange the mittens like trading cards.  Store employee say they sell about 65,000 pairs a day.

If you want to take the wardrobe to the next level, it can cost you.  One particularly special hat and jacket combination will run you about $1,700.

Commemorative coins help to represent every sport in silver and gold.  The grand item of them all is a coin that weighs about 6.6 pounds in solid gold.  It costs a little more than $200,000.

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