Rickie Fowler fans get loud... with clothing

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - There are several professional golfers with a big fan base, but Rickie Fowler's have a unique way of showing support.

Rickie Fowler came off the course Friday with high hopes. 

"Nice to come in, finish strong and put myself in a good position for the weekend," he said.

In the quiet game of golf, fans can't scream a player's name. Yet Rickie Fowler's followers have bright threads that speak louder than words.  

"I'm like his number one fan, I don't know I just really like him," said 15-year-old Sierra Fink.  

Children, and sometimes adults, sport duplicate duds to the golf star.

"I love it, I love seeing the younger kids out here wearing the hats and the Puma gear just coming out to watch and give me support," Fowler said.

Pointing to an argyle-patterned, white and orange shirt and Puma belt buckle, 12-year-old Samuel Thomas waited for a signature from the star.

"I got this for my birthday," Thomas said.

It's a bit of extra bang for Puma's sponsorship buck.

"I like Rickie Fowler so I'm wearing Puma for him," said 11-year-old Schamus Gray.

For others, it is a creative opportunity.  Fifteen-year-old Sierra Fink showed off a neon yellow top with hand-place crystal lettering.

"I made a shirt cause I like him so much and yeah, he's a really good golfer," she said.

Thomas said, the reason Fowler is liked is simple.

"Cause of how he dresses, and he's good and he's nice to kids," Thomas said.

'It's fun to see, see that I have some sort of influence and that the parents let them follow me, look up to me, and I definitely want to be a positive influence," Fowler said.

Fowler says he wears orange on Sundays because he attended Oklahoma State and it "stuck." 


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