Surfers brave the rough waters for the ultimate ride

PALM BEACH, Fla. - While most people stay out of the ocean on rough days like today, there are a select few who brave
the water for that ultimate ride.

Gray skies, gusty winds, and a rough oceaN. Not many people would argue that Thursday was NOT a beautiful beach day.  

Except one breed of people…surfers!

"Today's probably the best day and it's real fun. It's a bit out of control and here in Florida we get excited when the wind blows, so it's good" said Peter Mendia, a professional surfer who gets paid to ride big waves. 

While most people observe mother nature's fury from the land, surfers are skilled to make it out in big waves.

Kelly Kingston is an avid local surfer. "People think we're crazy out here on days like today, I'm sure the rip current threat is pretty severe but we're actually trained, I mean we live for this stuff, we surf,  we're in shape, " said Kelly.

Not many sports are tied to the weather as closely as surfing.  Every surfer knows how to read the weather maps, and when the next swell is coming.

Kingston says "I'm already watching the weather, looking for that next cold front. We're always tracking the weather, we're like little meteorologists over here."

Although the waves weren't perfect today, South Florida surfers aren't picky.

Mendia says "It's windy and it's sloppy but there are some good waves. I just paddled out and caught a couple good waves, and one of the waves was a full barrel."

A barrel, or tube in surfing terms is when the surfer rides inside of the wave, being completely covered up by the breaking part of the wave. A very difficult thing to do.

"That's the best feeling in surfing, that's kind of why you do it to get that feeling, incredible." Mendia quips.

If you want to find out when the next swell will hit, check out for the latest surf forecast for south Florida, and follow surfing weatherman James Wieland: Facebook - Surfin Weatherman, Instagram & Twitter: SurfnWeatherman

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