South Florida surf photo sesh: Two week swell train, tons of photos of south Florida surfing

What a run of waves we've been having!  Even before this prolonged long period swell we had a couple epic refraction swells. Hope everyone caught there fair share.  It wasn't perfect every day but there were some days of glory, and Thursday, February 28th was one of them.  The boys were out in full force and line-ups were crowded, but Lyn Meyers found the right spot to be and caught some blue bombs.

(Click Photo for Bob Baggett's photo album on Facebook)


Adam Byerly of caught Tab Textor on his Black Rain board making some rain of his own

(Click photo for Adam's Facebook Album from this day)

Rich Budryk of Hybrid Photography was up in Jupiter the same day and found Greg Badgley throwing it on rail

(Click Photo for Rich's Facebook album of this day)


A few days later on Sunday March 3rd , it lit up again with perfect conditions, and crystal clear blue water.
Bargain Bob Baggett was out shooting all day again, loving the perfect lighting and water color, and of course, all the action in the water.  Hybrid Photography's Rich Budryk put the camera down to get some shacks of his own.

(Click on photo for Bob's complete Facebook Album of this day)

Adam Byerly was also there wondering if we should change Big Wave Dave's name to Big Air Dave?

(Click photo for Adam's Facebook Album from this day)

Less than a week later, conditions lined up again on Saturday March 9th for some nuggets to come it.  Brian Hazeltine of Everything Under the Sun Photography was out shooting all the action.  Local power surfer Peter Mendia was out doing what he does best, putting it on rail.

(Click photo to see Brian's full Facebook Album from this day)

Meanwhile, down south also had some fun clean waves.  Chris Beeman of racing down this Broward Beauty.

(click photo for the full set from this day)

Too many photo's to post!! Look for part II coming soon!...

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