Juvenile shark close encounter captured on video

This may be the safest way to have a close encounter with a shark.
As you can see in the video below, the shark is in the water and so is the camera!

When Captain John MacDonald heard his line go while fishing off Juno Beach this week, his heart started racing.

Then when he saw that it was shark, he rigged up his "Go-Pro" camera in a waterproof casing and sent it in for a look.
This is what it showed: A juvenile shark-- about 3 feet long-- fighting to maneuver away from the boat.

The feisty fish "sounded" a few times and shook its head.
John managed to steer the shark away from the boat's propeller.
He and the rest of the crew of the "Seahorse Whisperer" valued their fingers more than their "Islander" lure so they let the shark keep it!
For the record the shark was released, unharmed... but in bad a mood.

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