Reaction from one local big leaguer on MLB's PED problem and how it effects young players

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. -- Performance enhancing drug scandals in Major League Baseball give future players of the game the wrong idea.

Former University of Miami star Ryan Braun is the first player suspended by MLB as a result of the Coral Gables-based Biogenesis Clinic investigation.

Miami native and New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez could be next.

Luis Alicea played 13 seasons in the big leagues and is the current executive director of baseball at the Elev8 Sports Institute in Delray Beach.

When steroid and PED scandals in baseball pop up, his students are his No. 1 concern.

"I tell them you have to dedicate yourself and you can do it the natural way without taking shortcuts," said Alicea.

Kyle Simmons is a freshman on the Furman University baseball team who's training at Elev8 over the summer. He says steroids scandals in baseball give future players of the game the wrong idea.

"It puts a bad impression in our minds that we have to cheat in order to get there," said Simmons. "There's obviously a lot of guys who get there without doing it so those are the guys you really have to look up to."

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