Martin County North all-stars play South Nashville in semifinals of the Southeast Regional

Game is taking place in Georgia

WARNER ROBINS, Ga -- A Treasure Coast little league team is just two wins from making history. 

Wednesday at 2 p.m., Martin County North all-stars will play South Nashville in the semifinals of the Southeast Regional.  If they win, they advance to play the championship game Friday against either Virginia or South Carolina.  The winner of that game will make it to Williamsport, Pennsylvania for the Little League World Series.

Taylor Higgins who plays left field, said, "I just try to act like it's just another game, because I don't want to get too nervous or anything."


The Little League World Series puts young players on an international stage, set to play against the best from around the world.  Getting to the LLWS is a dream for the Treasure Coast players.  If they advance to the international stage in Pennsylvania, they will become the first team to do so from the Treasure Coast.

Higgins said, "I don't really know, it's kind like it hasn't even sunk in yet that we're here.  Like it's crazy.  I just can't put my arms around that we're here yet."

Manager Mark Rodgers said he is keeping the team calm and focused.  "Is a big day for us, at the same time, we can't make it bigger than it is.  It's just nine boys playing baseball on the field."

The journey has been fifteen wins in sixteen games during seven weeks.  While the kids have demonstrated their skills on the field, coaches, parents, siblings, grandparents and chaperones have been serving as a support staff.  Many of the families have not been their homes in Palm City, Stuart and Martin County for weeks, continuing to travel with the team as they repeatedly win and advance. 

Wednesday afternoon's game will be televised on ESPN 2.  A watch party is scheduled on the Treasure Coast at Hurricane's restaurant. 

Meanwhile, WPTV NewsChannel 5 is in Georgia and following the action.  Follow Anchor/Reporter Ashleigh Walters and Photojournalist Kaan Pala on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  They will use the hashtag #MCNStars

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