How Alex Ogle of Jensen Beach ended up at Boise State

It's no surprise that like his entire recruitment experience, the day that led Jensen Beach quarterback Alex Ogle to Boise State was wrought with hurdles.

Ogle signed with the Broncos on Wednesday after a heartbreaking and infuriating fall that saw dozens of Division 1 programs flirt with Ogle and raise his hopes, but ultimately fail to offer him.

That all changed last Wednesday, seven days before National Signing Day, but how the marriage between Ogle and Boise State actually happened took some major effort. Here's the story as relayed by Jensen Beach head coach Tim Caffey:

A warm front was moving through the state on January 29th day, bringing with it torrential rain, a series of deluges that eliminated any chance that Ogle would be able to throw for Boise quarterbacks coach Mike Sanford, who had agreed to see Ogle just days prior.

Caffey was expecting Ogle to throw for Sanford on the high school field at around 5 p.m. and knew he needed to find an alternate location. The school's gymnasium would be the obvious choice, but the girls' basketball team was playing an important district game there that evening. Caffey absolutely didn't want the Boise assistant to have to wait around see his prospect throw. This was crunch time. This had to go well.

Caffey was so desperate that he enlisted the help of Chuck Kenyon, head football coach at nearby Martin County High School, hoping their gym may be open that evening.

Sanford finally arrived at West Palm Beach International Airport in the early evening and the Ogle contingent trucked him 35 minutes north to Jensen Beach. Upon his arrival, Caffey explained the weather bind they were in and suggested to Sanford they may have to make the trip to Martin County's campus.

Sanford refused, however. He wanted Ogle to comfortable with his surroundings. He was willing to hang out until to Jensen Beach gym was clear.

Ogle's father, Chris, went and picked up food at a nearby Hurricane Grill and Wings location and brought it back to the school. They moved into the school's weight room and proceeded to sit around, eating and joking for the next few hours, as the basketball game took place.

Eventually the game wrapped up and Caffey, Ogle, Sanford, and one of Ogle's teammates, his designated receiver, were able to slide into the gym for the throwing session. Everything was a mere formality from there.

On Ogle's first throw he fired a bullet to his pass-catcher, who was running an in-route. The ball went right through the receivers hands and struck him in the forehead, leaving an "X" imprint of the nose of the football right above his eyes. Sanford loved it.

Ogle dazzled Sanford, who couldn't believe the area's passing leader didn't have an offer. It didn't take long for Boise State's new quarterbacks coach to snag the "Blond Bomber" (as Caffey calls him).

It was almost 10 p.m. and Sanford wanted go somewhere where he could talk to Ogle and his parents, so they headed to a Jensen Beach Steak & Shake. It was at that restaurant where Ogle eagerly accepted a Boise State offer and committed on the spot. An official visit was set up for the upcoming weekend, erasing any doubt about what Ogle was going to do on National Signing Day.

Like everything involving Ogle in the recruiting process, the penultimate day was far from seamless, but unlike the previous year-plus, this chapter of the saga had a happy ending.

A little rain, some wings, a forehead injury, and an agreement over a mint cookies & cream milkshake.

And that's how Alex Ogle ended up at Boise State.


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