Honda Classic: The pros behind the pros

As the Honda Classic gets under way, a lot of work is being done to get the professional golfers prepared for the course.

The pro golfers took their swing at a practice round Tuesday.  Much was being done behind the scenes to make sure their golf clubs were getting the proper care.  

If you think of golf like a fine art, the pro is the artist, the green his canvas and the club his favorite paintbrush.  

In a grouping of trailers tucked away from spectator view, a group is hard at work in what could be considered the art supply store.  They sculpt and reset the tools necessary for the best performance. 

"Starting from fresh, you know, shaft, grip, head.  We build it, grip it, glue it.  And then we bring it out and they hit it and if it works it's in the bag.  If it doesn't we're back to the drawing board," explained Christian Cervantes.

The trailers are their homes away from home on the range.  Cervantes calls it a "traveling circus."  The trailers move from location to location, setting up for the first part of any tournament week.

"Say you hit hard ground, or a tree root, something.  It knocks the loft and lie off of your golf clubs, so you're not going to hit it the same distance you're used to.  So you come and they'll fix it for you," explained professional golfer Robert Gamez.

This traveling circus is one where only the pros get a ticket.

"We are the guys behind the guys basically," Cervantes said.


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