Honda Classic: Golf and cell phones don't mix

During the 2013 Honda Classic, cell phones are considered a nuisance around the golf courses.

Some golf facilities have even gone as far as to ban them when a tournament is going on.

PGA National has volunteers stationed throughout the greens with "quiet" and "no phones" signs. The signs are held up to alert the crowd that a player is about to tee off.

PGA Tour authorities said cell phones are one of the biggest disruptions on the golf course. Not because people are talking on them, but mainly because spectators are using them to take pictures. The PGA Tour has a policy in place that regulates picture taking.

Officials ask that you keep your device on silent at all times. Only use your cell phone in a tour approved designated area called cell phone zones.

You're not allowed to capture video or audio at any time and still photos are not permitted during competition rounds.

If caught using your cell phone, you could risk having it confiscated for the day.


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