FAU's all-time assists leader, Alex Tucker, is now coaching while chasing his pro basketball dream

Boca Raton, Fla. -- After becoming FAU's all-time assists leader 12 months ago, Alex Tucker is switching gears and trying his hand as assistant coach of the Boca High girls basketball team.

"Since I'm so young, I try to relate it as almost a player-to-player thing because I know what they're going through and I try to help 'em out," Tucker told ESPN 760's Emerson Lotzia.

Bobcats head coach, Nhu Nguyen, says bringing Tucker on board his staff was a no-brainer.

"He knows the game very well," said Nguyen.  "Sometimes he knows it way better than me.  That's why you have good people around you.  It's a huge success having him here."

Tucker saw coaching girls basketball as a challenge - and he's done a pretty good job at it.  The Bobcats are currently 15-5 and will enter the district tournament as the No. 1 seed.

"They listen great...they respond great...and they have less attitudes," Tucker said with a smile.

"It's honestly astonishing to me how he can deal with us," said senior guard, Gabby Daniels.  "At first I wasn't sure if he was going to last."

But get this - on top of coaching, Tucker continues to chase his dream of playing professionally.

"Every kid grows up wanting to play in the NBA," he said.  "But then as you get older you realize the NBA isn't for everyone."

When he's not at Boca High School, he's playing for the West Palm Beach Piranhas of the American Basketball League.

"People say you're too small to play professional, so I proved them wrong....and now I just want to keep proving people wrong as I go."

And he'll continue doing that on Saturday at noon when the Piranhas host the Heartland Eagles at Berean Christian School.

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