Chris Dempsey and Joey Diovisalvi are molding their expertise in Jupiter to shape the best golfers

Jupiter, Fla. -- If you want a better golf need to understand what makes it great in the first place.

"You don't just pick up a golf club and say now I'm going to go out and play the best golf," said Joey Diovisalvi, a PGA Tour biomechanics coach who owns Joey D Golf in Jupiter.  "That's not how it works."

Consider it the science of golf - or biomechanics.  And there's nobody better at teaching it than Diovisalvi, or as he's known in the golf world, Joey D.

"I think it's still very challenging for us to say we're not going to hurt your golf swing," said Joey.

But a great golf body isn't the only thing that supports a great swing.  Using the right equipment does as well.

"How do you build a golf club properly," asked Chris Dempsey, owner of LOFT, a world-class golf performance boutique.  "You can become more developmental in your approach to fitting rather than just correct it."

Equipment fit and built by Chris has proven itself with six victories in major championships (1 Masters, 3 US Opens and 2 British Opens) as well as over 20 regular season events on the PGA, LPGA and Senior PGA tours.

Chris and Joey D are now molding their expertise in Jupiter to shape the best golfers, from the professional level to the weekend warriors.

"Where you literally are in the physical body, determines what kind of clubs and equipment you should play," said Joey.

The top golfers in the world come to Chris and Joey because they see results on the course, as do others who hope to eventually reach that elite level.

Stephen Grant is a great example.

After playing professional soccer in Ireland for over a decade, injuries forced him to make the switch to golf.

"It's a big step up to the next level, said Grant, who recently won his first professional tournament on the Tour.  "I learned that pretty quick."

Grant made his way to Jupiter to join up with Joey and Chris, began training and started winning.

"Someone like me...I have no chance out there unless I'm doing this stuff," said Grant.

And the number of people saying that - continues to grow.

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