Yuan Zai, Giant Panda cub is introduced at Taipei Zoo in Taiwan

Female giant panda cub Yuan Zai met the media at Taipei Zoo in Taiwan on Saturday, two days before she is scheduled go on display to the public.

Yuan Zai was brought out by a zookeeper who placed her in front of the media at around 18:00.

The giant panda cub showed no nerves at all despite being confronted by a dozen or so people.

She was very active and kept crawling and climbing for about 20 minutes before falling asleep.

According to staff at the zoo, Yuan Zai will officially meet with the public at 09:10 on Monday when she turns 180 days old.

Yuan Zai is the first baby of female panda Yuan Yuan and male panda Tuan Tuan which were sent to the zoo from the Chinese mainland in late 2008.