VIDEO: Wingsuit Flying World Championship held in China, one dead after trial flight mishap

The finals of the second Wingsuit Flying World Championship was held in the city of Zhangjiajie, central China's Hunan Province, Sunday.

Johnathan Florez, from Colombia, took the crown with 23.40 seconds.

It's the second consecutive year for Zhangjiajie to host the championship and 16 flyers from around the world competed in the event, which was started Saturday on Tianmen Mountain of the Zhangjiajie forest park.

However, Hungarian wingsuit flyer Victor Kovats was found dead after he plunged in a trial flight on Tuesday and Austrian flyer Peter Viertbauer, Kovats's close friend, was so sad that he withdrew from the competition.

The flyers were required to jump off a cliff 1,433 meters above sea level atop the mountain, complete a loop-like flight in the valley and land at the finishing line on a mountain road.

The one who finishes the whole course in the shortest time is the winner.

Eight competitors, who emerged victorious in the preliminary competition on Saturday, came in the finals.

Each of them carried out two rounds of flying and the better result would be counted.

Wingsuit flying is a sport in which a participant flies in the air wearing a special jumpsuit, called "wingsuit," which increases the surface area of the human body to generate a significant lift.

A parachute is added to the end of the wingsuit to provide proper altitude for gliding through the air.

Wingsuit flying is considered the most challenging event in the world's extreme sports.

No more than 20 wingsuit flyers worldwide are qualified to participate in the competition.