Syria chemical weapons update: United Nations releases report about chemical weapons use

(NBC News) United Nations weapons inspectors released their report Monday on last week's chemical weapons attack that left over 1,400 dead.

The inspectors say they have found clear and convincing evidence that chemical weapons were used against civilians, including children.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon submitted the incriminating report to the security council, detailing that chemical weapons were used on Syrian civilians, including children in a Damascus suburb last month.

"This is the most significant of chemical weapons attack since Saddam Hussein used them," said the UN Secretary General.

The nerve agent sarin was found on surface to surface rockets, at the sites of explosions and in blood and urine samples from dozens of victims.

This weekend, U.S. and Russian officials reached a deal to inventory Syria's chemical weapons and seize all components.

"We're not there yet, but if properly implemented, this agreement could end the threat these weapons pose not only to the Syrian people, but to the world," said President Obama.

The agreement calls for penalties, but not a military strike if Syrian President Bashar Assad fails to comply.

Some are skeptical.

"This is the same guy that the President said two years ago must go. And now he'll be a partner with us in dismantling his chemical weapons?" questioned Arizona Senator John McCain.

Secretary of State Kerry, in Paris drumming up support for the deal, says military action will be taken if Assad reneges on his promise to give up his chemical weapons.

The UN report does not say whether it was Assad who ordered the chemical attacks but the Secretary General says those responsible will be brought to justice.

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