Oscar Pistorius, Reeva Steenkamp trial update: Investigators claim they find testosterone, needles

(CNN) -- The bail hearing for Olympian Oscar Pistorius has begun. It is the second day of a hearing that is expected to last several more days.

Here are the key players in the bail hearing of Oscar Pistorius at Pretoria Magistrate Court: Proecutor - Gerrie Nel. Defense lawyer - Barry Roux. Judge - Desmond Nair.

The prosecution says neighbors reported hearing sounds of arguing that went on for an hour and came from Pistorius' home on the morning of the shooting.

Officer Hilton Botha takes the stand and said he opposes bail for Pistorius, calling him a flight risk despite being a high-profile figure with prostheses. Pistorius sits with his head bowed.

Responding Officer Hilton Botha describes the scene: He believes a cricket bat was used to break down the bathroom door, part of which was in the bath.

He says shots were aimed at the toilet bowl. One would have to turn left and fire at an angle to aim at the toilet, he says. Police also found a fire arm on the bathroom mat as well as two cell phones.

Two boxes of testosterone and needles were found at Oscar Pistorius' home, the investigating officer testified.

Police described two other incidents involving Pistorius: A gun discharged at a Johannesburg restaurant and Pistorius asked someone else to take the blame for it, they said. A second incident took place at a racetrack where Pistorius threatened to assault someone.

Investigator Botha says that Pistorius' action was no way self-defense. Pistorius knew Steenkamp was in the bathroom and shot through the door, he says.

Defense attorney Roux says Pistorius had a legal herbal medication, not testosterone, which is a banned substance. He accuses the investigator of introducing untested evidence.

When defense attorney Roux presses investigator Botha on witness claims of hearing an argument at house, Botha admits the witness' home was 600 meters (almost 2000 feet) away.

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