Canadian couple weds in church with no heat, freezing temps

(CBC/CNN) - An hour before the wedding and workers are still scrambling to provide some warmth.

A pipe on the third floor of the church burst late Thursday night. Water flowed down three stories of the church and flooded the basement, knocking out the heating system.

A temporary boiler has been installed outside the church, but it's not providing any heat yet.

The massive pipe organ is chilly and so is the organist.

Guests arrive bundled up in winter jackets. And the pastor orders in hot chocolate to help fight the chill.

"We won't forget this. A wedding at minus 15 (Celsius). That's unusual," a guest said.

The groom arrives with his parents.

And then the bride, who had to wear a stole over her dress to keep warm.

Three other churches, and even a synagogue offered their facilities to the pastor.

But he and the couple decided to stick to the plan of getting married at St. James, despite the cold.

Reverend Bonner says in his years of performing marriages, this is one of the most memorable.

This wedding, like so many other things in life and in love, didn't turn out exactly as the couple had planned. But it's a reminded that the most important kind of warmth doesn't come from a heating system.

Courtesy: CNN Newsource