World War II vet reflects on JFK's assassination

Walter Clarke of West Palm Beach has something in common with JFK.

"He was born in May of 1917 and I was born in December."

But that's where the similarities stopped. "To tell you the truth, no I didn't vote for him (laughs) I was with the opposite party (laughs)."

Walter is a World War II vet and was a major in the Army the day the president was assassinated.

"The situation is, of course it turned immediately bottom side up you know…you didn't know what you were going to do, what's going to happen tomorrow? (shrugs)"

He offers a unique perspective from inside military ranks."They wondered about are we going to be invaded? Or are we going to worry about the border? And you know, what's happening? So we had to make continuous plans on what to do."

Despite political differences at the age of 96, Walter reflects on Kennedy's presidency. "He was a good president, yeah...he did a lot of good things."

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