Samantha Brown: Wife speaks out after police say Iraq war vet with PTSD shot her

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Samantha Brown remains at Delray Medical Center just over two weeks after police say her husband shot her in both legs with an AK47.

"I just think about my children. What would have happened if he killed me," Brown said from the rehab part of the hospital.

Adam Brown remains behind bars with no bond after the July 20th attack. Police say Brown has PTSD after returning from the war in Iraq.

Brown's wife says he wasn't properly treating the PTSD.

"Experiencing the things he experienced is going to change anybody. It is just a matter of how they deal with it and I don't think he dealt with it properly. He didn't try as hard as he should have," Brown said.

Samantha Brown has had five surgeries and skin grafts to her legs. Despite a long road to recovery, doctors say her prognosis is good.

"If this had just been a few centimeters over in either direction it could have hit one of her large nerves or arteries and it would have resulted in major damage, even amputation," Dr. Jeffrey Farber said.

Brown told police according to reports that he only remembers holding the gun and hearing the gunshots.

"PTSD is no joke. But I don't think anyone is ever going to know what the cause of this was. To pinpoint it to one thing is unfair," Samantha Brown said.

Samantha's motivation now is her two young children. One is two and the other is six.

"I tell them Mommy was in an accident. They are amazing. At the end of the day they are innocent and I know he loves them. That's another reason I want him to get help. I want him to be a part of their lives but I know right now that is not a possibility," Brown said.

Brown says her main concern is finding work once she is released from the hospital. She has been a server for years, but worries she won't be able to do that job because she can't stand for long periods.

If you would like to assist her, donations are being accepted at TD Bank under the Samantha Sabella-Brown Family Fund.

Anyone who can help Samantha can contact her at

Click here to visit Samantha's Facebook support page.

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