Website offers free breast implants for women

Breast augmentation paid for by strangers

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - A local college student is joining a growing group of women and turning to the wold wide web to help pay for cosmetic surgery. One website caught her eye and she hopes to have her breast augmentation paid for, in full, by complete strangers.

"I just want to make a little bit of changes to my shape," said Denali, 27, who declined to give her last name. The Palm Beach County college student wants to improve her appearance and she wants to do that by getting breast implants. She is hoping that complete strangers will fully finance the procedure through the website ''.

Denali hopes to raise $6,000 for her cosmetic procedure.

"There's a lot of women on there that have a goal of $9,000 or $10,000 and they haven't met that so I just want to keep it simple and low where I know that I can make that goal," she said.



The website takes donors and women like Denali and, lastly, surgeons like Dr. David Shuter, M.D., of Jupiter, who has already operated on at least one woman who financed her breast augmentation through the website. Shuter says, after the procedure, he was even referred to other website members. "Any plastic surgeon in town, every plastic surgeon in town, could be involved in this type of situation," Shuter said.

Other Palm Beach County plastic surgeons believe they have already operated on many women who have used this method of financing. "They've been given money for the breast surgery. I did not inquire where the money came from but it could have come from this website," said Dr. Greg DeLange, M.D., who has a practice in Palm Beach Gardens.

After just a day as a member of '', Delani has a long way to go to reach her financial goal. But she hopes, as odd as it may seem, that there are people who are willing to help her.

"It's good to know that there are genuine people and that they really want to help," she said.

The contributions received online are kept in an escrow account until the women reach their goals. Surgeons say they would never proceed with any procedure, like a breast augmentation, unless the candidate is healthy enough and medically prepared to go under the knife.


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