Timothy Bowker out of hospital, talks about taxi cab stabbing

JENSEN BEACH, Fla. - After a brutal stabbing outside of Cumberland Farms in Jensen Beach nearly two weeks ago, Port St. Lucie taxi driver Timothy Bowker speaks out about the stabbing that left him fighting for his life.

Bowker was stabbed nearly a dozen times in the face, head and neck. He was in the hospital for weeks. Bowker is now out of the hospital, with a long road of recovery ahead.

He says he still feels weak, and could be blind in one eye. "Ive never been in a situation like this," said Bowker.

He doesn't recall too many details of the night he was stabbed, but certain moments do stand out. "The main thing I remember is I was starting to loose vision in one eye," said Bowker. He rushed from his car to get help at the gas station. "I tried to walk in, and said 'help!' I hit the ground and woke up in Longwood Hospital."

Three men were arrested for their involvement in the robbery and stabbing. He says he recognized one of the men. Investigators told him he had made contact with the other two in the past.

He detailed that one of the men had called for a ride. He said when the stabbing started, the phone call hadn't disconnected, leaving a recording that Bowker says helped track down the men.

Bowker says he doesn't want to be angry. "I try to move on, I'm not a guy of vengeance. I'm a guy to be grateful."

He says he's grateful to be able to get back to work. "I've done over 200,000 miles with this service, picking people up," Bowker explained.

He says it will be hard to get back, but he wants to service the community that he thanks for supporting him, and getting him back on his feet.

For safety in the future until he feels comfortable again, he said he is looking into getting a service dog to ride with him.



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