Time is limited for last minute shipments

GREENACRES, Fla. - Those hoping to get gifts shipped to friends and family by Christmas have one day to get it done.

Nilesh Parikh, manager at the UPS store in Greenacres, says customers have until 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon to ship their packages through his store.

Customers hoping to get their packages delivered by Christmas morning must pay for overnight shipping, which can be much costlier than other shipping options.

Parikh suggests "Start shipping early so you don't have to worry about the weather related delay. And pack it properly when you are shipping the gifts."

Parikh says the winter weather system moving through the midwest and northeastern U.S.. should not create a major delay on shipments.

Staff with the United States Postal Service and Fed Ex say Saturday is also the last day you can overnight a package with them and get it to its destination by Christmas.

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