The Sittons share what Thanksgiving means to them after tragedy struck their lives four years ago

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Muriel and Jim Sitton are thankful for their 21 month old daughter Natalia Grace. Jim said, "She has changed our world."

Natalia is too young to know the tragedy her parents endured. Four years ago, on Thanksgiving Day, 6 year old Makayla Joy Sitton and three family members were shot to death by a cousin. Her father said, "It wasn't until we were packing up leftovers for everyone, as everyone was preparing to leave he just opened fire."
The Sittons were devastated they lost their daughter, Muriel's mother and her two cousins.

"Every day is hard, but that day brings together all the things that happened that day. The good start of that morning, all the way to the horrific end that we had changed our lives forever," said Muriel.

While the pain is still there - Jim says Natalia has helped them smile and sing again.

"One morning I woke up and I hear singing and I had not heard music in years. And I was thinking...what is that? And it was Muriel singing Amazing Grace to Natalia, and I thought, we are going to make it. Music, love is back in the house, " Jim said.

Another blessing is on the way. The Sittons are expecting a baby in July.

"Yesterday on the 26,  exact four-year anniversary, angel anniversary, we saw the heart beat of our child for the first time yesterday, " said Jim.

Muriel said, "There is a whole new chapter, new direction, new things in store for us, and it's  just reaffirming to us that God's not finished with us yet. I would have thought this is it for us, but apparently not."

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