Strange and interesting things at the South Florida Fair

West Palm Beach, Fla. - Of course we all know and love the rides and games at the fair but if you look around, you could find some really unique things you don't normally see every day.

John Gilliland's urgent voice rings out "She's in labor right now, early stages of labor, and this calf should be born in the next 1 to 2 hours."

Watch true nature at work at the MOOternity tent. About 30 calves are born at the fair every year.

If wild horses couldn't get you to watch that, inside the expo area it's downright presidential.

You'll find a mock up of the oval office, and you can even walk through a replica of  Air Force One!

Elena Rosa is a 6th grader at Conniston middle school and was surprised by what she saw  "What I thought about this place was I thought it would be like a normal plane for the president, I didn't know there would be a mini-building inside of it."

What's coming to the fair without trying the food.  If you really want to get exotic, you have to come see Jungle George. He's got some worms, scorpions, and very popular and new this year...Camel burgers."

The petting zoo is always a fun place, You'll get to interact with some furry creatures.

From Kids feeding... well, kids goats,  kangaroos jumping, and even a Camel. I assume he doesn't know what's going on at Jungle Georges.

You can also catch the Elephant show, and the popular Equestian events.

There's a lot to see and do this year, to see it all, you'll be going hog wild, and won't be leaving until the cows come home.

The fair runs until February 3rd, that's 17 days to take it all in.  Tickets are 15bucks at the gate. and new this year if you love to ride rides and don't like to wait in line, you can buy a gold access pass that will take you to the front of the line. For more info click South Florida Fair

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