Woman startled by KKK pamphlet in driveway

(WESH) A Ku Klux Klan pamphlet was left on the driveway of an Orange County, Florida woman's home, and she says its message scares her.

Denise, an African American woman who did not want to be identified with her real name, said the message is disturbing.

"I do believe in the First Amendment, but anything like that, it puts a little fear in me," Denise said.

Denise was surprised to find a bag in her driveway, weighted down so it wouldn't blow away. The single sheet of paper held a message about the makeup of the United States, ethnicity and the future minority.

"I was appalled, I was angry and very sad and scared," Denise said. "It makes you wonder, what's on their mind? I want to say, 'Shame on you, that this is what you're putting out and teaching the children like that?"

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