VIDEO: Pilot, Curtis Boulware, makes emergency landing on Port Orange, Florida, road

PORT ORANGE, Fla. - A test flight didn't go as smoothly as planned for a pilot trying to sell his plane.

He was forced to make an emergency landing  on a Florida highway -- with a customer who was set to buy the plane in the passenger seat.

The pilot, Curtis Boulware, was doing an inspection flight.

But after a few practice maneuvers the vintage plane lost power.

Too far from an airport, the pilot decided to land on a road in Port Orange.

"You also think about how much damage you are going to cause the airplane and, in turn, how much damage you're going to cause yourself.  The best of all choices was the road. On the way down you talk to yourself and you talk to the oncoming traffic, 'Okay guys pull over, pull over, pull over,'"  said Boulware.


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The plane was able take off safely from the highway a short time later.

It was flown to the airport and is undergoing an inspection.

Courtesy: CNN News Source, WESH