Valerie Lowe & Laurence Daly: Neighbors react to murder

Myrna and Grantville Moore can't believe what happened across the street. Hearing that 53 year old Valerie Lowe allegedly shot and killed her husband late Wednesday night.

The Moores said, "About 9:30 every thing was quiet. Then shortly after that we saw police cars. We saw the police cars right out there."

According to police, Lowe called 9-1-1 claiming she had shot her husband, 59 year old Laurence Daly. When they arrived, they found Daly in the master bedroom shot in the chest. Lowe claims it was during a domestic dispute. The shooting is a shock to neighbors, since the ex Army Captain had just married Daly last year. Grantville said, "About six months ago, she had introduced us to her husband, which we were happy for her."

Port Saint Lucie Police are investigating if the shooting was in self defense. Meanwhile, Mryna and her husband are in shock, especially since they just saw the couple on Sunday.

Grantville said, "He came out of the car, he didn't see me. He turned around and saw me and I said 'hi, how are you?' And he said 'we just ran a marathon, the Miami marathon.'"

Port Saint Lucie Police say the shooting remains under investigation.


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