Valerie Lowe: Former Army Captain still not in cusody

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - "9-1-1, do you need an ambulance?  I need police and an ambulance."  In a calm voice, Valerie Lowe called 9-1-1 Wednesday night around 10:30. Lowe then explained to the emergency operator what was happening.

"What is going on? My husband was coming after me and he refused to leave me alone. And he was being aggressive and assaulted me. And he drew his fist back like while I was laying on the bed, like he was going to punch me in my face once again."  The operator asked Lowe if her husband, Laurence Daly was still in the house. Lowe said they got into an argument. She then revealed what actions she took.

"We were arguing and I shot him," said Lowe.

"You shot him? Where did you shoot him? What part of his body? In his chest area. Is he still breathing?" asked the 9-1-1 operator

"In his chest area," replied Lowe

"Is he still breathing?"

"Yes," said Lowe.

Lowe went on to tell the dispatcher she was administering first aide.

Police and an ambulance arrived at the house within minutes. Daly's body was on the floor in the master bedroom with a gunshot wound to the chest.

Port Saint Lucie Police say the shooting is an active investigation.

Lowe is not in police custody, though police say they know where she is. If she is charged, she could face first degree murder or manslaughter.

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