University of Florida bans bunnies, guinea pigs and birds from student housing complexes

GAINESVILLE, Fla. - Pet bunny rabbits are getting eviction notices from the University of Florida.

But they aren't just picking on dwarf rabbits.

The university recently sent letters giving students until Thursday to get rid of birds, guinea pigs and bunnies from student housing complexes.

The Gainesville Sun reports the university has a liberal pet policy, but made the change after staff and student leaders noticed increasing instances of abandoned or mistreated animals.

Students are still allowed to have a number of pets, including fish, hamsters and gerbils.

The newspaper reports that in the summer of 2012, the university had 112 residents with registered pets in its 9300 dormitory and graduate and family housing units.

Officials say some students complained of foul odors and waste that wasn't being property disposed.

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