Travis Gill, Wade Schepper, Blake Hammac capture massive alligator in Escambia County

Just how much manpower and time does it take to take down a 13-and-a-half foot, 6-hundred-45 pound alligator?

For Travis Gill and his two buddies...about four hours!  

Gill, Wade Schepper and Blake Hammac ound a big guy as they were hunting near the Perdido River in Escambia County. 

Gill says, it put up a good fight. "It took us almost three hours from the time that we first snagged it to the time we were able to kill it and get it to the boat. Took us another hour after that to get it in the boat. This is the largest one I think I've ever seen, definitely the largest one I've ever caught or hooked up or anything like that."

Gill says he's handled a couple of eleven-footers but this catch is the largest alligator he's ever mounted. 

Florida Fish and Wildlife says alligator season opened August 15th and closes November 1st.

They issued 6,363 permits.

The department's experts say only five to ten alligators taken each year are over 13 feet long.