Tomorrow's Rainbow: Support group for kids suspends programing after storm damages horse canopy

Upwards of $40,000 needed for new barn

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. - For eight years mini-horses have been a life-saver for local kids at Tomorrow's Rainbow in Coconut Creek. They provide a free outlet for hundreds of teenagers who've lost a parent, sibling or close family member.

"Coming to this program has helped me learn to make new friends and I learned how to deal with my emotions. It helped me heal," says Jami Tero, who lost her father and grandmother when she was 14. 

But the good work came to a halt in a matter of moments last night. Winds came through toppling a huge tree and ripping the horse canopy out of the ground.

"The canopy for the horses is just demolished, we think strong winds came through and just lifted it up," says Abby Mosher, who founded Tomorrow's Rainbow.

Now eleven horses have no shelter from the rain. Mosher says it's clear they're restless and out of sorts. What is worse - without a shelter, the animals can't help kids cope.

"It's heart-breaking because the kids who experienced death of a loved one are already suffering a loss and this is another loss, their support group is taken away from them," says Mosher.

"It's something that's been so stable in my life and now it's ripped to shreds, it's hard," says Tero.

Programming is suspended until a new barn can be built for the horses. But Mosher estimates that will cost upwards of $40,000.

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